Henry Rude



It’s that time again! We’re popping up at one of our favorite design markets in Malmö - Mitt Möllan’s spring market. This Saturday & Sunday ( May 11th & 12th, 2019) at 11am - 5pm.

There will be a great mix of local designers doing everything from clothing to prints and jewelry. Don’t miss a lunch at the food court either!

This is what it looked like when we were at the market back in 2016;

Hope to see you there this weekend!

Victoria Pettersson

When I closed down the webshop, just after christmas 2018, I didn’t know when, or if, I’d open the webshop back up again. Apparantly it was bound to happen much sooner than I thought, as here we are again with yet a new webshop!

New design, new platform & new products! If you’ve followed the brand for a while, you probably know I decided to take a break with clothing production, as it’s challenging getting everything right when I’m not on the spot in West Africa. Working full time as a copywriter here in Malmö, I don’t have the possibility to travel to West Africa as much as before, and that is why we are now focusing on bags & accessories for an unknown period of time.

Narrowing it all down to a few products has been more exciting than I thought, as I am now able to focus fully on making these products excellent and high quality. Bags are such a great way to express your mood or personality, and can add that final touch to your outfit. Doing these changes to my company has opened up a new door and a new personal interest in bags!

I will continue to add new styles and products through out the year, so make sure to check in now & then and
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Hope you’ll like the new webshop as much as I do!



Victoria Pettersson